What Are Natural Pesticides?

What Are Natural Pesticides

Every home shares its useful things with the little creatures, which we usually can not see. These are insects or pests. They are very harmful to you, your family, and your pets. There are various kinds of treatments available for these but one of the safest is natural pest control.

Pests can be found anywhere in your home for example carpets, cupboards, and mattresses, etc. The use of natural products for flea spray fumigation will control them, and will not prove to be dangerous. Organic pest control is non-toxic, inexpensive, and safe for use around your home.

Below are some of the natural, non-toxic ways which can control the pest or insects:-

1. To remove ants

  • For the treatment of ants, you can use some of the very simple measures. Take a small handy spray bottle, and spray it on the ants with some soapy water. 
  • Cucumber can also help you in dealing with ants. Cut cucumber peels or slices, and keep them at the entry points of the ants in your kitchen. Many ants have a natural hatred for cucumbers. 
  • Placing some tea bags in the active areas of the ants will also work. Set cayenne pepper, citrus oil, lemon juice, or cinnamon or coffee grounds at the entry areas of ants. 
  • Form a mixture by combining 1 litre of water, one teaspoon of borax, and one cup of sugar dip cotton balls in the solution, and put them in a sweetened yogurt container with some holes so that ants can get out of it. Ants will collect the bait and will take it to their colonies. Eventually, the ants will get killed there. Keep it out of the reach of the children and pets. 
  • Some cloves of garlic between the cracks can also work well for the removal of ants.

2. Natural treatment of eliminating dust mites

These are present everywhere in your home, beds, upholstery, stuffed toys, etc. and they are a very serious issue if any of your family members is suffering from breathing issues or allergies. 

  • The proper cleaning of your mattress and pillows can keep them aside. Wash your bedding regularly at 130 F(55 C). The high temperature of the water can remove them instead of using the best quality detergent or laundry products. 
  • Washing the stuffed toys with hot water will also work well. Freezing may also kill the dust mites but the removal of allergens is not possible with it. There are zippered coverings for pillowcases, mattresses, and bedding. These are specially designed to block the dust mites. You can check them from time to time to look for any rips. Refrain from the fabric headboards. Keeping the books, stuffed animals, throw rugs, and laundry hammers out of your bedroom is also useful. The allergy sufferer will be spared. 
  • Diatomaceous earth can also be used to dust mattresses, rugs, and bedding. Leave it for 2-3 hours before vacuuming up.it also reduces the mite population. It is not harmful to humans.

3. Remedies for the removal of cockroaches

  • Diatomaceous Earth is the safest option that can be used in areas where cockroaches gather. These are the areas such as your cabinet tops. You can cut the substance into small pieces which will kill the insect in 48 hours. After a week the insects will be dehydrated and will look for water. So do not feel startled if you still notice the cockroaches after two weeks of using this product. 
  • Take a spray bottle filled with soapy water. Spray it directly on the cockroaches and they will be killed. Leave the slices of cucumber or garlic in the areas as a barrier where cockroaches are present.

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